Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

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Kindergarten is coming. Registration for this fall has already started for many schools and there just isn’t anything you can do but put on a brave face, and make sure you get your child as ready as possible.

You know your munchkin better than anyone. You probably have an idea of whether or not they’re ready for school. If you’re curious about what skills they need to accomplish, and maybe if you want to start working on a few things before August rolls around, take a look at this checklist:

1. Listen to stories, no interruptions
2. Rhyme words, recognize words that rhyme.
3. Basic shapes- names and trace them.
4. Understand that actions have causes and effects.
5. Beginning to share.
6. Use scissors to cut, hand grip correct.

And these are my personal favorites… every kindergarten teacher I know says these are the most crucial!

7. Potty self-sufficiently. Make your kids learn to undo their pants and fasten them back together. Work on buttoning, tying shoes, and zippers.
8. Name- don’t stress if they can’t read the New York Times. Teachers want them to know their full name and to begin writing it. In most cases, NOT all capital letters.
9. Follow directions- work on 2 step directions with them. Example: Take the book to your room and put it on the desk.
10. Stand in line- be able to wait your turn, understand you can’t always be the line leader.

Work on these skills over the summer and your child will be ready to master his or her first day in their new “Big Kid” School!

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