America’s Next Top Mom: Preppin’ With Pope

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By Amanda E.H. Pritchard

Preparing placenta smoothies, serving sympathy pregnancy poppas and assisting stay-at-home mommies in bringin’ their sexy back is all in a day’s work for Rosie Pope.

As she says on the intro to her Bravo reality show Pregnant in Heels, “In the high class world of modern mothers-to-be, demands go far beyond late night food cravings. That’s where I come in. I’m maternity concierge, catering to my clients every need, no matter how quirky or impossible and while I don’t baby them. I always remember they’re pregnant in heels.”

A while back Rosie visited the Ham as the new Brookwood Medical Center prepared to open its doors for its latest deliveries.  If you’re thinking this is old news…think again my friends in the Mommywood, it was great info for this newbie.

Like Chaka Chan I went in thinking…”Tell Me Something Good.” Swaddling, diapering and entertaining questions from a crowd of first timers, a pregnant Pope addressed our anxieties and even brought out her pretend bambinos for a little hands-on experience.

Now 10 weeks into being a mom I cannot imagine a better job!

Cooing, cuddling and crying are just a myriad of maneuvers Alex Gray and I go through on a daily basis.  My marvelous husband Pete and I can’t believe we created something so magnificent! Seeing AGP smile, recognize our voices and feel comfort in our arms makes the song covered by Sara Evans’ “I Could Not Ask For More,” come to mind.

Whether handling explosive dooties while on diaper duty or shielding myself from a tee-tee geyser with my Wonder Woman like cuffs, everyday is about making our son the best boy he can be.

While Rosie has her hands full with two boys and her newborn baby girl as well as the millionaire mommas on the upper eastside, my cup runneth over as I add to the mix (in my perfectly pressed outfits, every hair in place and my shiny pearls…yeah right!) being a full-time newspaper reporter, loving wife and learning on the job mommy.

Like Tess McGill, this Working Girl is loving every minute of my newfound place in the world. I’ve achieved the greatest promotion…America’s Next Top Mom.

About Amanda:

Often referred to as the “pop culture encyclopedia,” this beaming proud, new Birmingham Momma has been writing for the past 10 years. Featured in national, regional and local publications, Amanda just landed the greatest gig of all.. becoming a mom! Looking forward to sharing her whit, zest for life and love of all things pop culture as she delves into all the shenanigans of motherhood, she looks forward to sharing her stories on the trials and tribulations of becoming America’s Next Top Mom.

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