The Mommy “One-Upping Syndrome”

to live — By on July 9, 2012 at 9:42 am

I read this on blogher and had to share. I think we have all heard a conversation that goes something like this. If you haven’t heard it, you’ve seen it played out on Facebook. I’m sure there are tons of reasons as to why some women feel the need to do this. I don’t know those reasons but I do know that this kind of conversation won’t help your children.

Mom 1: We’re trying to keep Felix engaged this summer. It’s so hard since he’s in the gifted program.

Mom 2: I know what you mean! Even though we chose not to do the gifted program since it just seems like such a waste of their time when they’re this young – we’re still struggling with finding more things for Eugenie to learn about. She’s read everything the library has on organic farming, space exploration and algebra.

Mom 3: Oooh…we’re very into organic farming this summer. We found a delightful farm just 60 miles from here where you can go and harvest you own food and pay for it by the pound. It’s such a great deal. The kids and I spent 4 hours picking blueberries and I paid 30 dollars. It was only 90 degrees, but we took water and it was wonderful! I took pictures. Do you follow me on Instagram?

Have you witnessed moms one-upping one another? How do you deal? Walk away?

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    • Harmony says:

      This is one of my MAJOR pet peeves. I can’t stand one-uppers. Especially mommy one-uppers. You can’t walk away because then the people you’re talking to will just think you’re a bitch. Changing the subject to something not child-related seems like a better way to go. Or finding new friends.

    • Kristen B says:

      And FB provides such an easy platform for mommy one-upping! Somehow, people don’t think it’s bragging if they present it as a status update. If you wouldn’t say it out loud, don’t put it on FB!

    • Yes. It’s ugly, isn’t it? I usually just walk away.

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