Busy Mommy Bonding Series: Nature ABC’s

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There’s nothing like the crisp fall weather to make you want to get outside.  Grab the kids and head outdoors to collect your materials.

13 sheets of scrapbookpaper (or construction paper)
leaves, acorns, pine cones, sticks, pine straw… head outside and collect nature

What to do:
Cut each piece of paper in half and assign a letter to that page.  Then let your kids make a letter out of the nature supplies they collected.  If they understand what they’ll be doing before they start collecting, they’ll be especially aware of how handy curved twigs can be!  Then you can even add in a corresponding word.  An example would be L is for Leaf, then make an “L” out of a leaf.

Our start to the word "Fall"

This is not a one day project- all 26 letters will take a while!  If you want to shorten it, you can choose a special word, such as the child’s name, or “family” or “nature” to spell out.

Hang your completed letters on some twine with clothespins and enjoy!




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