Halloween S’Mores!

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Any excuse for a S’mores is a good excuse, in our opinion.

This is a great treat when you’re looking to re-purpose that leftover Halloween Candy. Or if you’re sitting around the firepit in the backyard or camping before the Candy Holiday arrives!

What you’ll need:

2 Graham Crackers
Halloween Marshmallow or Peep (they have them for all seasons and holidays now)
Chocolate (the little mini versions you give to Trick or Treaters are the perfect size)

What You’ll Do:

If you make smores outside, no difference.

Inside Version:
Place 1 graham cracker on microwaveable plate, top with marshmallow, microwave for about 10 seconds. Add chocolate on top of marshmallow and microwave for 5-8 more seconds, top with remaining graham cracker and smush together.


Photo: FoodBeast

For a new take on this old time favorite, try this recipe for Halloween Candy Bark S’mores… Looks and sounds yummy!

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