Homework Should Be a 4 Letter Word

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School is officially in swing, how’s it going? If your family is like ours, you’ve had to adjust a few things in your life. Number one on that list is homework. Some parents complain about homework, but it is crucial in establishing the study habits that will make successful high school and college students. I miss the days when we could play in the fall leaves all afternoon, but I understand the importance. I also make sure to communicate that to my kids.

*Never complain about homework or the teacher in front of your child.

So, we adjust and we make it work. At first it was awful. My son came home tired and hated doing homework. That’s understandable- he was learning a lot of new stuff and was tired from being there all day. Now he has had well over a month to get in to the routine, and the tired grumpiness is gone.

*Make homework a part of your daily routine. Same time, same quiet place.

Now, both of my kids come in from school, lay their homework out, have a snack, and then get started. It took several weeks to set that routine, but it has made everyone’s life easier.

Homework really should be a four letter word… EASY!

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