Parent Teacher Conference Tips

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It’s that time of year, ready to find out how little Johnny is doing at school?

1.  Listen more, talk less. So many parents feel like they’re on trial and they have to justify and explain themselves.  No one is accusing you, calm down. Being defensive is not productive, especially when you’re not being attacked.

2. List your concerns. Does your child seem to be a slow reader? Does math make him cringe? Talk to the teacher, get her thoughts.

3. If needed, ask for special services. Most schools have some sort of intervention in place for just about anything. Reading Specialists, Gifted Programs, Learning Disability help… find out what your school offers, and if you think it can benefit your child, request it.

4. End on time. You’re not the only parent in the world, and teachers hate to rush you out. Don’t put them in that position. End on time, and if needed, request an additional conference at a later time.

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