Perfect Parks & Playgrounds in Birmingham: Leeds Memorial Park

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Toddler Area and Pavilion.

A friend on Facebook posted a photo of her child playing at an amazing playground. When I asked about the park, she told me it was just a hop skip and a jump from my house.. A quick 20 minute drive, in lay terms.

With the weather being perfect and all fall like, I decided we were going to this amazing playground to check it out for ourselves and it did not disappoint.

Que brilliant idea.. Just like we recently highlighted some of the great storytimes that Birmingham has to offer, we are now going to highlight some of the amazing parks you can find around the Magic City.

First up: Leeds Memorial Park. It’s just a short 5 or so minutes from the Grand River Outlet Mall and Bass Pro shops, so if you’re wanting to do a little shopping, you can bribe your kids with a trip to the park if they behave :)

The Main Attraction

As you can see, the playground speaks for itself, it’s amazing and the toddler area is also great. If you have kids various ages you can see them all playing at the same time. There is a walking track around the park, great trees and rocks to climb on and a pavilion for your picnic lunch.

The only negative and it’s a biggie for Moms with young children. Bathrooms. There is a Port O’ Pottie. And it’s not great. I would highly recommend tossing your travel potty in the trunk, and make the kids pee right before you leave the house.

So next time your looking for a new park, try this one! Maybe we’ll see you there!


It’s very easy to find, but most likely your googlemap won’t pick it up. (Off of I-20 at exit 140, head away from the outlets, past the Bass Pro shop, turn right on President Street, follow until it stops and take a left on 119. The Park will be on your right)

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