The Right Age to Trick or Treat, Alone..

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In the past we’ve discussed How Old is too Old to Trick or Treat but something else that has crossed my mind lately is, at what age are our kids old enough to hit the streets on Halloween on their own? Mine are no where near this age mind you, but I’m curious all the same.

I’m kind of in the mind set that by the time mine are old enough to go alone, they’ll be too old to go at all (at the age of 28.) But I know that in the real world over the next couple of years I’m going to start feeling the pressure, either directly or indirectly.

Let’s be honest. The days of wandering the neighborhood freely until “the street lights come on” isn’t a possibility for most of us anymore. But if you’re going to let your little ghosts and goblins venture out without an adult this Halloween, or if you’re on the fence and feeling the pressure from your older children, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. The earlier the better. Try to get them out while they still have some daylight.

2. How well do you know the friends that they will be with and what is their maturity level? Having a conversation with the other parents is a good idea. Make sure you are all on the same page about their boundaries, return times, etc.

3. Set Boundaries. Make sure they know that can only go so far, whether it consists of only your neighborhood, a couple of streets over or down in a certain direction, make sure they are clear about those guidelines.

4. Make sure someone in the group, or your child has a cell phone so they can reach you in the event that they need you.

5. Remind them to never enter someones home. Stay on the porch or in the yard at all times. Always stay with the group or with at least one other friend. Think Buddy System.

6. If all of the above still makes you a nervous wreck, put on a costume and follow them at a distance, that’s probably what I’ll do :)

How old were your children when they went out without an adult? What rules did you put in place?


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