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This blog accepts items for review only if we think it’s appropriate for our readers. We do not accept any form of compensation for product or service reviews. If you think your product is a good fit for us, hit the email button and tell us about it. We may accept the product, but this neither guarantees that we will review it or that we will like it.

If we don’t like it, we will probably tell our readers why not. It’s ok – you stand behind your product and we stand behind ours. If you send us a product to try, we will notify our readers in the review post that you sent it to us– that’s just how we roll. If we review a product we already own – that’s fair game too (hello, friends just don’t let friends buy wipe warmers). To sum it up – we are NOT paid for reviews. We do not represent items favorably if we don’t favor them – you know, unlike those beauty cream ads in the magazines.

We have begun accepting compensation for advertising spots on our site. These will be in a designated advertisers section. Again, we do not partake in any compensation for positive reviews, so don’t bother (no advertorial). If you would like to advertise with us – just hit that sweet email button and we’ll get a media kit to you straight away!  Before considering advertising on any website, you should consider their audience size – we think you’ll be impressed by ours.  We would love to send you a media kit and discuss the advantages of advertising with us further.  Email us – contact@birminghammommy.com

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Giveaway Rules

  • For privacy information regarding submitted information see privacy/disclosure policies above.
  • Every giveaway may be different – so please refer to specific giveaway contest for procedure for entry. For example, one may require comment, while another may require email submission.
  • No one at BirminghamMommy or their immediate families are eligible for entry – it’s all for you baby!
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  • As stated above (somewhere in all this mumbo jumbo), we do collect email addresses through some of our giveaways for our future email newsletter. You may opt out of this at any time. Really, just say the word. No, I’m serious. Hit the contact button and break up with us. We promise to act like big girls.

We love tips! If you or your organization is involved or knows of a great event, deal or anything else, send it our way at contact@birminghammommy.com.

We also (occasionally) feature content from contributors other than the three founders.  If you have an idea, shoot it over, we’d love to have a look see.  Below you’ll find our general guidelines for contributing.

  • we welcome contributors as long as we feel the content is relevant to our readers
  • we maintain complete editorial control over all content appearing on Birminghammommy.com.  We cannot always use what people send to us, or may need to use it at another date.  This will always be discussed at length with the author until a mutually agreeable scenario is reached.We will discuss any changes with the author before publishing.
  • We give full editorial credit to the author. This includes name, email (if desired), blog or website link. We’ll sometimes feature a short bio of the author or person providing interview if we think it’s relevant to the featured content.
  • We require a non-compete contract for individual pieces – basically states that the same post won’t run on a competing regional site.